RESULTS Monitoring and Data Quality Assurance Services

RESULTS Monitoring and Data Quality Assurance Services,


RESULTS Monitoring and Data Quality Assurance Services


Ministry of Forests, Lands, and Natural Resource Operations - Resource Practices Branch (MFLNRO)


2003 to Present


Provincial Wide - British Columbia


The RESULTS application is key to the success of several Ministry core business areas including updates to the provincial forest inventory, support for timber supply reviews, reporting on performance of key outcome indicators in the Ministry’s Annual Service Plan Report, reporting forest cover statistics in the BC State of the Forests report, monitoring licensees’ legal requirements and planning, implementing and monitoring government funded programs.


Certes was required to provide the services in a timely, well organized and consistent manner to meet the following objectives;

- To provide expert RESULTS data quality assurance and monitoring services

- To provide support for reporting under government funded silviculture activity programs

- To develop and publish monthly quality assurance reports

- To provide RESULTS communication related to this projectAttaining these objectives is essential to the ongoing utility of the RESULTS application


Our project methodology was developed to ensure that RESULTS submissions meet legal reporting requirements and comply with the appropriate RESULTS Information Submission (RISS) guide with a focus on forest cover submissions.  The methodology also ensures that Certes works with Forests for Tomorrow (FFT) recipient agreement holders and District staff to identify and correct errors and omissions in both attribute and spatial data.

The following project methodology steps included;
Develop a Work Plan, Collect Data and Identify Problems, Analyze Data, Implement Corrective Actions, Implement Preventative Actions and Monitor Results.

Deliverables for this project were as follows:

- Deliver a standardized quality assurance protocol for sampling of licensee and government funded submissions to RESULTS – Phases 1-3 (Work Plan Development, Collect Data and Identify Problems and Analyze Data Solutions).

- Provision of quality assurance services for at least 2000 openings submitted between June 15, 2015 to March 31, 2016 – the methodology provided quality assurance for all submissions made during that time period.

- Provide the RESULTS business lead with summary quality assurance data related to licensee submissions – Phases 4-6 (Implement Corrective Actions, Implement Preventative Actions, Monitor).

- Provide an annual accomplishment summary detailing the number of openings assessed by opening category, identify key findings and recommendations to improve RESULTS data quality – Phases 5-6 (Implement Preventative Actions, Monitor).

- Work with MFLNRO district staff to remove overlapping Free Growing openings from the RESULTS database where appropriate as directed by the RESULTS business lead – this is included in Section 1.4 (Proposed new initiatives).