Natural Resource Management

Our Natural Resource Management Services Group specializes in project administration, GIS solutions, field logistics and resource analysis. This group provides services for a variety of Certes’ clients, including local governments, provincial and federal agencies, First Nations, and land developers. They also supply internal support services to Certes’ Information Management Group.

Low water lakeside with beach and orange grass

Key Services

  • Ministry Electronic Submission Framework (ESF) submissions and data management including RESULTS, FTA and ABR
  • Project administration for forestry crossover projects including fish passage assessments and watershed risk assessments
  • Growth and yield including site productivity assessments (SIA and SIBEC) and Change Monitoring Inventory (CMI) sample design
  • Forest management planning and forest stewardship planning
  • Timber supply review and netdown analysis
  • “Patchworks” spatial planning analysis
  • Forested land evaluation and market analysis
  • Operational level planning, cruising and layout
  • First Nations woodlands specific area consultation and planning
  • Forest resource analysis including timber supply, operating area, Equivalent Clearcut Area (ECA) and fibre flow analyses
Rocks and trees on a beach on a cloudy day

Recent Projects