About Certes

Certes Applied and Natural Sciences Ltd. (Certes) is an established, multi-disciplinary, resource-consulting company based in Kamloops, BC and operates throughout Western Canada. Certes specializes in natural resource management, traditional land use studies, information management and geomatics using geographic information systems (GIS). Certes professionals have over 100 years of combined experience in the business of forestry and information management consulting alone.

Staff members include professional foresters, anthropologists and GIS analysts. Certes has the capacity to complete significant volumes of work, in a variety of disciplines on time and budget. The diversity of backgrounds and areas of knowledge amongst the staff allows Certes to effectively carry out a wide variety of projects, offering full support to our clients. The quality of our work is reflected through our range of services, professionalism, innovation, communication and adherence to budgets and schedules. Certes aims to deliver client driven and science-based solutions of the highest integrity.

Core Values

Certes is founded and operates on the following core principles:

  • Safety First
  • Integrity in what we say and do
  • Innovative, practical and value based solutions for our clients
  • Profitability

Mission Statement

To be an environmentally conscious, fiscally responsible company that reinvests in our staff and our clients for the future growth and development of the company.

Our Vision

To be a leading partner for our clients by providing value-based solutions using a common-sense approach.



Certes has been providing comprehensive Information Management and Geographic Information System (GIS) services to clients throughout Western Canada since 1999.

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Indigenous Communities

Certes is committed to building respectful, trust-based, long term relationships with the Aboriginal groups that we work with.

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Community Planning

Services include Sustainability Planning, Land Use Planning, and Economics.

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Impact Assessments

Certes Impact Assessment Specialists support the enduring connections between people and land through projects that promote environmental, social, cultural and economic prosperity.

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Natural Resource Management

Our Natural Resource Management services group specializes in project administration, GIS solutions, field logistics and resource analysis.

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