Our Services

Located in Kamloops, BC, Certes Applied and Natural Sciences is a multi-disciplinary, resource-consulting company, providing a wide range of services to several clients throughout Western Canada.

With our staff members including professional foresters, anthropologists and GIS analysts, our areas of focus include natural resource management, traditional land use studies, information management and geomatics using geographic information systems (GIS). Between the business of forestry and information management consulting alone, our team of professionals has over 100 years of combined experience.

Our diverse staff allows Certes to bring to fruition a wide range of projects to our clients, while the quality of our work is seen through our different services, professionalism, innovation, communication, determination to stick to budgets and schedules. When it comes to our operations, we put safety first, stand by what we say and do and provide innovative and value-based solutions to our clients.

Case in point, for over two decades, Certes has provided its information management and geomatics services to clients across Western Canada. Under this umbrella, our key services include spatial analysis; integrated visual design planning; terrain modelling; spatial data compilation and management; data inventory; creating and managing large spatial and aspatial data sets; data loading, data assessment and quality control; web-based mapping and custom web GIS analysis; querying geodata in a browser; custom map web design; software development; detailed design specification and documentation; and training and support services. At the core of our GIS expertise is collecting, storing, analyzing, managing, and presenting geographically linked data. For each project, we work on, by creating spatially specific data we can properly identify strengths, challenges, and gaps of the conditions of each data sent and present spatially linked solutions.

You can rest assured that our team of four highly trained professionals of GIS experts — with an accumulated 40 years of experience — are more than capable of delivering the desired product to our clients. We have the confidence and extensive experience to develop ESRI, Autodesk and numerous open-source products. For Indigenous communities, Certes is devoted to fostering respectful, trust-based, long term relationships with the groups we work with. Certes takes pride in the close relationships we have with our First Nations clients as we work hard to create a desirable outcome and vision for all areas of community life within Indigenous communities. We pride ourselves in understanding the relationships between Indigenous culture, history, economies and looking forward. Additionally, Certes strives to be a dedicated partner to our clients by offering value-based solutions with a common-sense approach that you can rely on.

With our understanding of traditional land use surveys (TLUS) — which are used in cultural preservation and enhancement, impact assessments, management strategies and negotiations — we provide a team of highly trained professionals to any TLUS project. Projects include conducting studies; data gathering, research and interviews; mapping; impact assessments; analysis and interpretation; strategic planning; community profiles; comprehensive community plans; community surveys, and many, many more.

Certes is also pleased to offer community planning services for Indigenous communities and municipalities.

The Certes community planning team caters to sustainability planning, land use planning and economics.

Our community planning services range from strategic and sustainable land use plans, municipal policy and regulations, community plan maps, growth management plans, to climate change implications and action plans for local government, First Nations community and land use plans, market analysis for residential, commercial and industrial, to resort area and tourism development plans and economic development strategies.

Finally, our Natural Resource Management Services Group specializes in project administration, GIS solutions, field logistics and resource analysis.
Certes’ clients in this category include local governments, provincial and federal anes, First Nations, land developers, and internal support services to our Information Management Group.

Much like our other specialties key areas in our Natural Resource Management Services Group includes Ministry Electronic Submission Framework (ESF) submissions and data management; project administration for forestry crossover projects including fish passage assessments and watershed risk assessments; growth and yield including site productivity assessments and change monitoring inventory (CMI) sample design; forest management planning and forest stewardship planning; timber supply review and net down analysis; “Patchworks” spatial planning analysis; forested land evaluation and market analysis; operational-level planning, cruising and layout; First Nations woodlands specific area consultation and planning; forest resource analysis including timber supply, operating area; and equivalent clearcut area (ECA) and fibre flow analyses.

As a resource consulting company, Certes prides itself on being environmentally conscious and fiscally responsible that reinvests in our staff and our clients for the future growth and development of the company.

We are proud to service a wide range of clients in the government, private sectors, and Indigenous communities.

To learn more about our services, call us today at (250) 372-9212, or you can find us located just off Notre Dame Drive at #101 – 1285 Dalhousie Drive.