Indigenous Communities

Guiding Principles

Certes is committed to building respectful, trust-based, long term relationships with the Indigenous groups that we work with. Our approach emphasizes capacity building and supporting the communities and their members.

Certes strives to enhance our clients’ administrative faculty and resource management capacity through projects, and programs that strengthen the overall socio-economic fabric of the community. We take great pride in the relationships we have with our First Nations clients who we work closely with to capture their desired outcomes and vision for the future.

Certes understands that there are intricate relationships between Indigenous culture, history, economies, environments and visions for the future. Healthy and strong communities require safe and sufficient infrastructure, and access to quality education, healthcare, social services, and land. We work with communities to lay the foundation for long-term success through participatory, “big picture” planning targeted at enhancing all areas of community life.

Traditional Land Use Surveys (TLUS)

TLUS are used in cultural preservation and enhancement, impact assessments, management strategies and negotiations. Certes staff have a vast understanding of the issues, methodologies and processes involved in TLUS and as such are able to bring a comprehensive team of highly qualified professionals to any project.

  • Conducting studies, data gathering, research and interviews
  • Mapping
  • Impact assessments
  • Analysis and interpretation
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Strategic Planning

  • Community profiles
  • Comprehensive community plans
  • Community surveys
  • Land-use plans, feasibility and highest and best use studies

Economic Development

  • Proposal and grant submissions and applications
  • Business plans
  • Management services
  • Land developments
  • Joint ventures

Title and Rights

  • Negotiations, land valuations
  • Referrals process / applications, design and implementation

Resource Management Planning

  • Land and resource management
  • Forest management
  • Management strategies for at risk or cultural interest species
  • Incorporation of Indigenous knowledge and interests into management plans

Recent Projects


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