Client Profile for the Government of BC - Ministry of Forests

Certes Applied and Natural Sciences in Kamloops, BC provides land and municipal development engineering services throughout western Canada. We provide a number of services to clients in many sectors, including local, provincial and federal Government, Industry, and Indigenous Communities. One of the provincial agencies Certes serves is the BC Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development (MFLNRO).

Some of our key focus areas for the BC Ministry of Forests have come under the expertise of our Natural Resource Management services group, and have included the following:

1. Resource analysis including Operating Area, Equivalent Clearcut Area (ECA),and Fibre Flow analyses.

2. Administration for Forestry Crossover projects, including fish passage assessments and watershed risk assessments.

3. Forest Management Planning and Forest Stewardship planning.

4. Ministry Electronic Submission Framework (ESF) submissions and data management including RESULTS, FTA and ABR.*

5. Growth and yield including forest site productivity assessments (SIA and SIBEC) and Change Monitoring Inventory (CMI) sample design.

*The Electronic Submission Framework (ESF) is an electronic platform that allows clients of the MFLNRO to submit data electronically. ESF currently supports submissions for RESULTS (Silviculture),FTA (Forest Tenures) and ABR (As Built Roads) applications. 

One of our Recent Projects: Data Quality Assurance & Monitoring

In 2003, Certes developed and began phasing in the BC provincial-wide RESULTS (Reporting Silviculture Updates and Land Status Tracking System) application, which provides data quality assurance and monitoring of silviculture activity to the Resource Practices Branch of MFLNRO. This application provides a centralized database for use by government funded silviculture programs and MFLNRO District staff that allows for real-time information about many key performance indicators for the province.

• Updates to the provincial forest inventory
• Supporting data for timber supply reviews
• Forest cover statistics
• Monitoring licensees’ legal requirements and planning
• Implementing and monitoring government funded programs

By following a rigorous project methodology, in collaboration with other stakeholders, and applying ongoing monitoring and corrective measures, Certes has been able to ensure that RESULTS submissions meet legal reporting requirements and comply with the appropriate RESULTS Information Submission (RISS) guide with a focus on forest cover submissions.

Our multi-disciplinary team strives to provide exceptional service to our clients throughout western Canada, including The Government of BC – Ministry of Forests. To view some of our recent projects, click on any of the links on the dropdown menu under our Services page.

By putting to practice our combined specialties of Engineering, Natural Resource Management, Traditional Land Use Studies and Information Management, Certes Applied & Natural Sciences is committed to providing innovative, science-based solutions on time and on budget. Contact Us in Kamloops, BC to tell us more about your organization’s upcoming project.