Willow Lake Metis Local 780 TLUO Study

Willow Lake Metis Local 780 TLUO Study,


WLML Traditional Land Use & Occupancy Study


Willow Lake Metis Local 780


2017 to Present


Anzac, Alberta


The objective of the WLML TLUS and project specific report are to document the traditional knowledge of the WLML Community so that it cannot be lost and to use WLML’s stories and knowledge as a part of the community cultural process and assist in decision making into the future to ultimately support its survival as a Métis community. This will be achieved by through the following objectives:

  1. To document and report on the capacity of the land to sustain WLML Métis Community’s land use;
  2. To document WLML genealogy and historical use of the land using information obtained and stored on the comprehensive database;
  3. To document current WLML use through interviews and a harvesting camp;
  4. To determine potential impacts of the proposed project on WLML land use and interests;
  5. To provide TLUOS and project specific information for input and review to the WLML Métis Local for approval of all documentation; and
  6. To submit TLUOS and project specific report information to the proponent as part of the regulatory requirements.


Certes Applied and Natural Sciences Ltd. will support WLML in carrying out a TLUOS based on data collected from the Local’s consolidated database and primary data collected through interviews and a harvesting camp. Certes will produce a project specific report documenting current WLML land use and the effects the Imperial Corner Project may have on current and future use.