Bonaparte Indian Band Natural Resource Management

Bonaparte Indian Band Natural Resource Management,


Natural Resource Management


Bonaparte Indian Band


2016 to Present


Cache Creek, B.C.


The Bonaparte Indian Band (BIB) Natural Resource Management (NRM) department was interested in moving forward with an inventory analysis of areas and volumes in support of negotiations with the Government of BC, Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations (FLNRO) for a Forest Tenure Opportunity Agreement (FTOA) potentially leading into a First Nations Woodlands License (FNWL).

BIB has specific, long term interests in securing the land base as part of the core traditional territory as these interests go beyond the commercial harvesting of the land base. In fact, BIB wanted to explore commercial and non-commercial methods for maintaining a sustainable land base where traditional harvesting values are recognized and managed to the requirements of BIB. Non-Timber values would be given a strong focus in any Forest Stewardship Plan (FSP).


Certes proposed the following process to evaluate the economic and logistic feasibility for BIB to engage with FLNRO and/or Licensees to promote stewardship values in the specific area of interest as identified by BIB Chief & Council and the community members:

1. Complete an economic evaluation of the selected area of interest and provide a summary of the economic viability of the area for forest management.

2. Work with the NRM Director to host three (3) community focus group meetings to solicit input and comments on the proposed stewardship opportunities, and to engage community members in the development of the community based Forest Management Plan. Certes will also schedule further meetings with Chief and Council of BIB and the community to convey the results of the focus group meetings and discuss the results of the inventory and economic analysis and the potential impacts to BIB both positive and negative.

3. Work with the NRM Director to develop a Forest Management (FMP) for the selected area of interest.

4. Assist the NR department during tenure negotiations with FLNRO and provide any follow up analysis required to secure the tenure if necessary.

5. Develop a Forest Stewardship Plan (FSP),once the specific area/volume has been identified and tenure negotiations are underway.


To Help BIB NRM Department accomplish these objectives, Certes delivered the following products based on the process described above:

1. Interview questions and guide for the focus groups

2. Report on the community feedback based on the focus groups

3. Inventory compilation and Economic Model for FMP

4. Forest Management Plan

5. Forest Stewardship Plan

6. Support for negotiations with FLNRO regarding FMP/FSP