Impact Assessments


Our Impact Assessment Specialists support the enduring connections between people and land through projects that promote environmental, social, cultural and economic prosperity.  Our work is thoughtful and responsive, and respects local people as decision-makers on the land. 

We recognize the changing nature of land and resource use in Northern British Columbia and Alberta, and are committed to working with clients to carefully and thoroughly document the potential impacts of development on local community life.  Certes' interdisciplinary approach to impact assessment helps to ensure that our clients have the broad and comprehensive information they need to be effective leaders and managers of their lands and resources.

We emphasize building and maintaining respectful, long-term working relationships with our clients.  Our work reflects our integrity as professionals in our various fields, as well as our commitment to our clients, environment and sustainability.

Key Services

  • Training for clients interested in enhancing research, GIS or data management skills
  • Community-led environmental impact studies
  • Community land use and cultural studies
  • Traditional knowledge studies
  • Cultural and historical research and reporting
  • Meeting facilitation and presentations
  • Proposal writing
  • Feasibility studies and planning for impact avoidance, mitigation and species management
  • GIS Mapping of culturally and ecologically important places, species and activities
  • Custom built databases and mapping software
  • Referrals facilitation and support
  • Community-led policy development

Recent Projects