Certes welcomes the opportunity to partner with TSAA Resource Management Ltd.

June 18th 2019

Certes Applied & Natural Sciences is a natural resource, impact analysis and information management consulting company based in Kamloops BC. We provide these services to clients throughout Western Canada in government, industry, and Indigenous communities. Our focus centers on building long lasting, beneficial relationships with all sides of the natural resources community. We specialize in helping businesses or entities that have little to no experience with all the red tape that comes along with the resource industry.

We are pleased to be working with our partners at TSAA Resource Management Ltd. (TSAARM) to help move the Matsqui First Nation forward towards their goal of acquiring a First Nations Woodland Licence! Certes is using its' expert knowledge and understanding of natural sciences and combining with TSAARM's fundamental community knowledge to help Matsqui First Nation move forward. This licence would recognize the Matsqui First Nation’s land and resource capabilities and give them a bigger hand in the stewardship of the forests that lie on their traditional lands.

Forests hold a special place for all of Canada’s First Nations and it’s easy to see why. Indigenous People have long-held intimate knowledge of not just their local area’s ecosystem, but the overarching flow of life on our planet. Many products we find in our pharmacy aisles or doctor’s offices have been refined from healing methods and remedies of First Nations. The amount of Indigenous gathered knowledge and genuine, time-proven inventions that started within a forest are immeasurable.

Forests also provide homes and an environment for the important animal life that Indigenous people have long lived in bilateral co-existence. Stories and tales of these animals and their significant cultural impacts on each tribe often start or end in forests. Many traditional ceremonies and traditions take place within a forest or wooded area.

Certes Applied & Natural Sciences is here to help Indigenous people keep this extremely important part of their heritage safe and growing by helping Nations acquire a First Nations Woodland Licence to assert more control over its ancestral woodlands. This also gives Nations a choice to harvest and supply goods from the timber they collect within what they deem as an acceptable and renewable pace. Call us today for help with your resource and industry engineering project or plan!