Civil Engineering

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At Certes Applied and Natural Sciences, we follow our core values in all disciplines - including civil engineering. From our offices in Kamloops, we provide municipal and land development engineering services throughout Western Canada. If you need to construct a road, build a bridge, or implement a solid waste management plan, then Certes is who you want to talk to. Here are more details of our services.

Municipal Engineering

The design and project management team at Certes have been involved in land development and site servicing projects for over 30 years. We take pride in our part of the successful completion of many diversified projects throughout the North Thompson region. Our staff have developed a high degree of expertise in managing and resolving the many issues related to land planning and development.

Our Municipal Engineering Group provides a wide range of engineering services directed towards our clients’ needs. Certes offers vast experience and professional skills to address a variety of municipal infrastructure, planning, design, and construction projects.

A brief summary of the scope of our engineering services includes the following:

  • “As and When” engineering consulting services for small communities;
  • Sanitary Sewer Projects in Existing Neighbourhoods;
  • Sanitary Sewer Lift Stations;
  • Municipal Infrastructure Upgrades;
  • Construction contract preparation and administration;
  • Parking Lots;
  • Solid Waste Management Plans;

Land Development Engineering

Our Land Development Group provides an extensive list of consulting engineering services relevant to the development/servicing of lands. A brief summary of the scope of our consulting services includes the following:

  • Project Management;
  • Site Planning;
  • Preparation of Servicing Plans;
  • Cost estimating;
  • Liaison with all agencies involved in the Land Development process;
  • Preparation of Storm Water Management Plans;
  • Tendering Services;
  • Site inspections;
  • Certification of Constructed Works;
  • Preparation of Record Drawings;